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Ancient Sites

Ancient Ruins – Ancient Sites

There are famous ancient ruins all over the world, from ancient sites in China, the Indus valley and Judea to Zimbabwe in Africa, ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman sites in the Mediterranean basin, and Incan and Mayan sites in the Americas. Ancient Ruins are of great importance to historians, archaeologists and anthropologists, whether they were once individual fortifications, places of worship, houses and utility buildings, or entire villages, towns and cities.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a nation located east of North Africa along the coastline of the Nile River. It was composed of two kingdoms; Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The kingdoms were headed by their own pharaohs whose regencies depended on the godly rights of the kings.

Egypt along the river Nile

Egypt along the river Nile

The Two Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt

are divided based on the flow of the Nile River’s track. Upper Egypt was the kingdom at the south that stretches from the Libyan Desert to Abu Simbel along the shorelines of the river’s upstream. On the other hand, the kingdom of Lower Egypt was located in the north where the river’s delta flows downstream to the Mediterranean Sea.

Ancient ruins can be found all along the river Nile.

Other Ancient Site Pics

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Statue of PinedjemThe Colossi of Menmom 'Shammy and Tammy'Tourist Post CardStatue of Pinedjem IRamesses II Head of PharaohPostcard from EgyptPillarsOne of the The Colossi of Menmom (named shammy)_9341208931_lLuxor Karnak TempleLeaving the Isis Philae Temple by RiverKarnak Temple Guard or KingKarnak PillarsIsis Philae Temple on River NileHatchepsout Obelisk of Ramesses IIGuarding the Karnak TempleFloor or ceiling where is this?Edfu TempleEdfu Temple of HorusColumns4 wise monkeys

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